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The apartments are on a well-tended and green ground, situated on a hill with good view to the sea as well as to the surrounding villages Myrthios and Sellia.
The distance to the village of Plakias is 800m, the beach is within easy reach over a path next to the house.

The word Anthos means flower. Of course they don't grow everywhere but we are trying to keep the garden well covered. Even children may walk on it, who are in good keeping here, by the way.
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Apart from the big swimming pool there's a smaller pool for children with lower water level.
Sunbeds are at our guests' disposal. Further seatings are next to the pool which are cool and shady in the morning or in glorious sunlight after breakfast.

Every apartment is directly accessible from a shady gallery, running on three sides of the house.
In the garden's front part a lemon tree is growing from which our guests may pick one or another fruit as refreshment.

More details about the flats are presented on the inner part.

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